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The vision for the Bourne Rail Trail/Shining Sea Extension has received tremendous public support and while this project is still in the preliminary stages of development, we have made great progress towards making  the Bourne Rail Trail reality. In spring of 2017,  Cape Cod's regional transportation planning agency recommended that the project move forward in the design process following the completion of its feasibility study

Since that time the project has continued to receive strong local and regional support and is currently in early stages of a formal planning process. For more information, explore our website and our video above that offers a first-hand perspective of the potential Bourne Rail Trail.      


For more information, read our recent blog post here!


"Continuing north in my mind, I pedaled over the little bridge crossing Old Main Road and approached the former Cataumet railroad station. I pictured it being a popular gathering place serving not only those who use the trail but also as a year-round neighborhood center...But that is a ride for another day, as is the one I just enjoyed in my imagination along the wonderfully scenic and mostly hidden coast of Bourne." 

Wes Ewell of Bourne envisions himself riding along the Bourne Rail Trail route and beautifully captures the hidden coastline of Bourne and how a public trail will add great value to the community.  

Find Ewell's article here, courtesy of the Cape Cod Times. 

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This summer, we're asking Bourne Rail Trail supporters to imagine the BRT just as Wes Ewell has. Using Instagram, post a photo inspired by the Bourne Rail Trail and use the hashtag #imagineBRT. While biking along the Cape Cod Canal, walking with friends on the Shining Sea Bikeway to Woods Hole, or enjoying a beach day on Monument Beach, take a moment to imagine what the BRT could add to our community!