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Over the past two years, we have made tremendous progress in advancing the vision of the BRT from a long-held dream to an imminent reality. Our all-volunteer board of directors has spent countless hours advocating on behalf of the project, but the tremendous success of those efforts is due to the overwhelming support from you, the Friends. You have passionately advocated on behalf of the BRT and have demonstrated the tremendous public support for the project.
With the success of those efforts, we anticipate soon being in a position to start the more specific and costly phases of making the BRT a reality, including commissioning a survey and preliminary engineering work. While we are hopeful there may be some government funding available, our ability to move forward quickly will undoubtedly require us to contribute to the cost, so we are beginning to accept donations from our supporters. Your donations will go directly to supporting the continued efforts needed to realize the BRT. Please consider a gift of any size, as all are appreciated and will be well used in creating this valuable community asset that will be utilized by all the Upper Cape for generations to come.  

NOTE: The Friends of the Bourne Rail Trail is a tax-exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code